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Jimmy Kimmel Faces Wrath of YouTube Gamers

Jimmy Kimmel touched a nerve in the gaming community a couple of weeks ago when he mocked YouTube Gaming in a video skit. He found himself at the centre of a storm of hateful comments from angry gamers wishing all manner of horrors upon him, from brain cancer and AIDs to death.

In the video, Kimmel pokes fun at the gaming spectating trend with spoof YouTube channels that remove the viewer further and further from the gaming they’re watching. ‘If you’re a video game player who likes to watch other gamers play games, where does it end?’ asks the description. It’s Kimmel’s most disliked YouTube video to date, with 130,000+ dislikes at the time of writing.

The trend is so popular that YouTube has created a dedicated channel where gamers can watch other gamers play video games.

Kimmel jokes about YouTube gamer PewdiePie, whose channel became the first to break the 10 billion views mark at the weekend. ‘There’s a guy named PewdiePie who reportedly makes $4 million a year doing this, which is funny because that is precisely how much you would have to pay me to sit through one of those videos.’

But some gamers proved that they didn’t have a sense of humour, ribbing Kimmel with a stream of abusive comments. In response to the overwhelming reaction, he dedicated his monologue to reading some of the more venomous comments on last Monday’s show, rekindling the debate.

At the weekend, Kimmel put an end to the feud by sitting down with two YouTube gamers to try to see what all the fuss is about. In the awkward segment, Kimmel read some more comments from YouTube to Markiplier and MissesMae, before trying out streaming. It doesn’t make a good case for gaming at all, and for Kimmel’s part, he clearly wasn’t converted by watching Mae’s parents ride an Oculus rollercoaster (‘Is your mother having an orgasm?’). A few more cringey jokes later, Kimmel tells Markiplier and MissesMae they should interact with real humans more.

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