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Halloween Social Media Campaigns - How to Make Sure Yours Won't Come To Haunt You

How important is social media to holiday-themed campaigns? Well, it would appear that the answer is pretty damn important. In general terms, a study by Lithium found that 26% of consumers report social media as one of the top 3 ways that they become aware of new brands and products, and 52% said they use social media to connect with brands. As consumers ourselves, we can all relate. 

With this in mind, we have trawled the web for the best advice on how to target customers and maximise ROI:-
  • Halloween-themed content. Tweets, statuses, hashtag competitions, etc are all audience engaging techniques that will drive traffic during the holidays.
  • Use themes that extend the parameters of the occasion. Whilst all Halloween symbols and figures have been done to the death, others have more contemporary appeal than others - for example, werewolves, vampires and zombies are still cult symbols, no matter what time of the year. 
  • Incentive and interaction are key. Consumers want to be engaged, whether it be just through participation or by offering a prize or offer. This is also likely to attract further traffic if one person spreads the word to another.
  • Have fun with it. After all, Halloween is one of the holidays where we all get to dress up, have fun and gorge ourselves on too much candy. Photo competitions for best costume, halloween-themed offers/discounts or even slight tweaking to your website and social page's themes, logos or colours will help draw attention to your brand. Google is a prime example of this. Halloween is the first holiday of the season - done right, it can garner excitement, attention and momentum for your business that lasts right through to the new year.
Here is a look at some of companies who get spooky social media right:-

Topshop's '#TrickorTweet' Campaign 
In 2012, Topshop ran a Halloween-themed competition inviting fans to tweet @Topshop (or post on Instagram) photos of their outfits or to provide their best style tips. They offered £100 gift cards to the best entrants whilst sending personalised thanks to every user who participated.  

Asda chose to capitalise on the huge flux of boards on Pinterest during Halloween by providing a bevy of recipe ideas, (with 'injurebread men' a personal fave) decorations, costumes and party ideas on the site. 

Google proves that even just a thematic change to a well-known logo can help raise a brand's presence. 

Fanta's '#HelpKen' Campaign
@FantaGB teased followers with sporadic releases of fake news segments, videos and the suchlike in order to engage a teenage audience, build their social media presence and incite said teenagers to share their 'tricks' in order to receive a 'treat' (prizes and free gifts). The campaign was hugely successful, with Fanta gaining an additional 40,000 Twitter followers.

The zombie race is on: #HelpKen have more fun. Join in for a chance to win. T&C's: http://FantaURL.com/helpken

What are the most memorable campaigns for you? Leave your comments below.

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