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#EndlessTable - An #Interactive #Instagram #Cookbook

It seems like, despite how ostensibly limited it is, Instagram users are becoming more and more imaginative with the ways they implement it. The best recent example is still the interactive web comic which Old Spice rolled out, but now somebody has found a way to use the app to bolster people's culinary skills, as well as finally legitimately justifying the whole food pic sensation.

Making canny use of the grid-based display used on Instagram, kitchen supply seller Reynolds Kitchens have been using their Instagram account to display composite images of a huge dinner table with around 20 different dishes on it. Selecting an image of a specific dish will lead you to another account which has all the ingredients laid out, complete with a link to the preparation and cooking instructions on the Reynolds website.

Each table is based around a specific theme, depending on the time of year and any significant upcoming holidays or occasions. Numerous food bloggers and Instagram cooks have been drafted to support this campaign, including the immensely popular stylist/photographer/cook/all-around-interesting-person Beth Kirby. Endless Table is also being promoted heavily on Facebook and Pinterest with written and video content.

Food photography is enormously popular on Instagram, with #food and #foodporn being two of the most frequent hashtag searches on the app. It's not exactly a good thing, studies have shown that constantly looking at images of food can actually lessen the enjoyment of eating it, which funnily enough is exactly what happens with sex if you watch too much porn, so the comparison fits better than you might think.

Reynolds have an edge though because they're approaching the concept with an eye towards the practical, actively encouraging people to go away and make the meals on display, rather than just drooling all over their touch screen in some kind of send-up to that frighteningly accurate South Park episode from a while back.

The interesting thing now is that Instagram are only making it easier for projects like this to exist. A recent update has enabled users to post images in portrait and landscape formats as well as just square, increasing the scope for creativity. The new direct messaging function also makes it that much easier for users to contact pages they follow and share their thoughts. It's an exciting time to be on Instagram.

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