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#Ellen Inspires #WWE to #GoGold & #JustKeepDancing for #PaediatricCancer

WWE Follows Ellen's Lead to Raise Awareness of Paediatric Cancer

Cancer. It's a word none of us like to hear. I myself have personal experience of seeing the effects of the crippling disease on a loved one, and I can assure you it is every bit as terrifying as you would expect. So, as you can probably imagine, I'm all for any initiative aimed at raising awareness and funding to combat the debilitating condition in all its forms.

The latest initiative is aimed specifically at paediatric cancer (pediatric to our US readers). It all began with a truly inspiring interview on the Ellen Show, when 6 year old Braylon Beam appeared on the show alongside his parents. Braylon sadly suffers from brain cancer, but refuses to take it sitting down. Instead, Braylon keeps himself motivated and high-spirited in a rather unexpected way - Dancing.

Braylon's ever-optimistic attitude and love for dancing prompted Ellen to start a campaign named #JustKeepDancing, encouraging people to join Braylon's cause by posting video's of themselves dancing under the hashtag in order to raise awareness, and hopefully generate some fundraising for related charities in the process. 

As with just about anything the loved TV host does and says, the campaign quickly took off, as more and more people were inspired by Braylon's sunny outlook. Recently, a rather unexpected organisation decided to join in - Vince McMahon's World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan led the way by posting his own dance video to Twitter before challenging the Bella Twins to join the cause.

However, the WWE is not stopping there. Throughout the month of September, the WWE is asking fans and stars alike to #GoGold in support of paediatric cancer. All it involves is editing your profile picture on social media, placing a semi-transparent gold tint over it. They've even released a handy tool to do it for you. For every profile image changed to the golden tinted variant, the WWE have pledged to donate $1 to Connor's Cure, a charitable organisation which aims to help child cancer sufferers. 

After the negative press they have received recently, its good to see the WWE under the spotlight for the right reasons. If you too were inspired by young Braylon Beam, why not get involved?

Sam Bonson

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