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El Chapo's Location Possibly Tweeted by His Son

CBS News
If this turns out to be legit, it might go down in history as one of the worst/best Twitter screwups there's ever been. If you didn't already know, infamous drug lord Joaquin Guzmán, aka 'El Chapo', escaped from a maximum security prison near Toluca in Mexico. It's the second time he's managed to do this. The manhunt is still on going, and has been for the past 8 weeks, but now thanks to Twitter, there might be a break in the case.

The tweet in question came from the account of one Alfredo Guzmán, who is, if the account is legit, El Chapo's son. The tweet landed on August 31st, and showed Alfredo sat at a table with a man bearing a more than passing resemblance to his father, although the top half of the image is obscured by oversized emojis. The tweet is tagged as having come from Costa Rica.

The affixed text roughly translates to "Pleased to be here, you already know with whom."

That sound you just heard was the DEA going nuts.

The thing is, people are regarding this as some kind of fatal error, when it clearly isn't any kind of accident. The far more likely truth of it is that Alfredo masked his VPN and posted this image in a bid to openly mock the DEA and the Mexican government as they continue to search for his father. There isn't even any evidence to suggest that the picture was recent, really.

In either case, it's indicative of the active role social media plays in criminal investigations, and how it can easily make or break them. If, absurdly, Alfredo did make a massive mistake and El Chapo can be tracked through this image, the framing of the story will be about how a clearly brilliantly intelligent super-criminal was thwarted by his dimwitted son. That almost sounds like something out of a particularly memorable episode of America's Dumbest Criminals, except, y'know, in Mexico.

If the more likely version of events is the correct one, this could be the first salvo in an ongoing social media mockery campaign, as well as a pretty sure sign that El Chapo is nowhere near being caught. As much as I would never wish that a violent, dangerous cartel boss remained at large, it is kind of fascinating to wonder where the story goes from here if that's the case.

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