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#Droplet: The New #Payment #App That Supports Small #Business Whilst Rewarding Your Loyalty

There is a new payment app for iOS that is gaining momentum after raising £500,000 in investment through crowd-funding. Droplet, a Birmingham-based company that originally released the app in 2012, claims to revolutionise the way we buy and shop whilst also eliminating the need for your wallet.

So what makes Droplet any different from the other big mobile commerce contenders? After all, we already have ApplePay and Google Wallet. But that's exactly what makes them different: Droplet isn't bothered about the big - but rather the small.

With a focus on independent businesses and consumers, Droplet is the only fee-free transaction system. Even the app itself is free to download. This saves the small retailers it works with vital funds that keep them afloat. Upon entering a business, the customer is invited to 'Check in' which allows for the transaction to take place with contactless payment - perfect for those who are forever forgetting their cash. What's more is that the app fully supports the customer too by offering reward schemes and loyalty points that are amassed automatically when a transaction is completed.This means no more fluffing around in your wallet or purse for those loyalty cards you never remember to use when the occasion calls for it!

Perfect for your first-stop-shop on the commute to work, your meal deal at lunchtime or your post-work tipple, the app also eliminates the dreaded minimum spend that we incur for using our cards. Not done there, Droplet is also venturing into travel by aligning with local taxi firms to offer yet more great deals for the every day city slicker. By using your location the app determines the services available closest to you.

To download, visit the App Store. You can be set up in seconds by registering through Facebook. Happy spending!

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