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Diet Coke Converts Tweets into Artwork

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Apparently, Diet Coke isn't doing so well any more. Whether it be from the rising prevalence of Coke Zero, or the popular opinion that Pepsi's sugar free options are better, people are drinking less of it, even the women they try so desperately to market it to. Well, Coca-Cola are hitting back with the same weapon they always break out - unparalleled marketing genius.

This time around, the campaign is titled 'Retweets of Love' and it centres around taking fan tweets and turning them into artwork. It was created in partnership with Droga5, a highly praised advertising agency from New York. It started last week in Times square, with artists turning 3 selected fan tweets into art that went up on an interactive billboard in Times Square.

From here on out, the campaign will extend to other mediums like jewellery, magazine covers and murals. Partners for the project include illustrator Marta Cerdà Alimbau and lettering and art designer Erik Marinovich. It's set to continue right the way through the autumn, moving out of New York and across the rest of the USA.

"We've been connecting with our biggest and most passionate fans through social media for years, but we felt it was time to return that love in way that's as big as our appreciation." Said Danielle Henry, a marketing director for Coca-Cola North America. "A simple retweet just isn't enough for our loyal fans who love the great taste of Diet Coke"

This is far from the first time Coke have integrated social media so directly into an ad campaign. Earlier this year they introduced an emoji-driven one in South America and Retweets of Love is itself an extension of the 'Get a Taste' ad campaign, a big part of which involved encouraging customers to share testimonials about the first time they tasted Diet Coke (challenging, I have absolutely no memory of that moment).

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