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#CuteOff has Biologists Turning Twitter into the Adorable Capital

One of the best ways to maximise the appeal of your Twitter feed is to science the hell out of it. From physics to biology to scatology, all the disciplines are cleverly and engagingly promoted on Twitter, providing entertaining, often amusing ways to stay educated. Last week, biologists took to the platform to post images of weird and wonderful animal genitals under the #JunkOff hashtag, in order to document and promote ongoing studies in that area. I'm not going to post any pictures from that, because I'm not allowed to, but feel free to look it up.

This time around things are a bit more universally agreeable, and 100% more friggin' adorable. The aim of #CuteOff is to get biologists competing to find the cutest image of an animal that's currently the subject of biological research. The benefit of this over just about any other cute animal roundup on the internet (probably more than you could get through in 100 lifetimes) is that biologists know a lot more about which animals score highest on the awww-meter and they're actively trying to find the most obscure ones.

The competition between different biological practises is fierce, some are trying desperately to single out that one creature that will stomp the competition, whilst others are desperately making the case for some of the more misunderstood entries. You don't necessarily have to be a biologist to get in on the act, but obviously you'll be in a more advantageous position from a knowledge point of view if you are.

As it happens, we have a resident biologist in our office. Adam might work in the sales team, but he has a scientific educational background and an enviable understanding of cuteness, as evidenced by his submission, which you can see above. Megan and I aren't biologists, but we both decided to get in on the act as well and I'd say we both did pretty well (below).

Personally, it's the ones that practically realign your perceptions that appeal to me the most. The majority of people would probably argue that cute bugs either don't exist or are extremely few and far between, but this lovable little selection below begs to differ.

Callum Davies

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