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Wyatt Scott Releases the Best Campaign Video of All Time

You might not have heard of Wyatt Scott, but he's running for parliament in Canada and he's devised an interesting tactic to pull in votes. Rather than simply outlining his policies, as most candidates would do in a campaign video, he elected to do so while riding a giant Canada goose, killing a dragon with a sword and firing laser beams from his eyes, among other things.

The jury's out on whether or not all this stuff detracts from his message or enhances it, but the ad was likely made in this way so that it would have a substantial chance of trending heavily. In that it has succeeded. The ad has been floating around for a few months now but it's started to reel in a lot of attention. Scott enlisted student film-makers to make the ad and gave them 'quite a bit of artistic freedom'.

Scott is, perhaps unsurprisingly, an independent candidate who joined the race out of a sense of frustration for how the main parties were running things. In the ad he talks about the cost of university, the treatment of the local indigenous population and the need for social and healthcare expansion. He also fist-bumps an alien. The video has just over 1 million views, a figure which is scaling rapidly and Scott was approached for a statement about the ad by The Guardian.

When it comes to a close towards the end of October, this will have been the longest parliamentary campaign in Canadian history since the Victorian age, lasting 78 days. In the broad strokes it's already been a heated, brutal contest with many Canadian citizens becoming increasingly disillusioned with the 3 main parties, hence the increase in independent candidates, like Scott. It's probably fair to say that he's the only one to have killed a giant robot though, so he has that going for him.

Callum Davies

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