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#Web #Tool Lets You Create Randomised #Emojis

Randemojinator is the name of a peculiar new web tool created by 17-year-old programmer Giacomo Randazzo.  The tool randomly remixes standard yellow-faced emojis to create some weird and wonderful – and just plain creepy – mash-ups.

Randazzo, who lives near Verona, Italy, told TechCrunch that he came up with the idea for Randemojinator after playing with a Pokémon Fusion website. He started editing emojis by hand, cutting out the individual elements needed to create each one – eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and accessories. As well as Randemojinator, Randazzo has also developed a game and an app, both available in the Google Play Store.

Randazzo – who has been coding since he was 11 – doesn’t plan on developing the tool any further unless he gets a lot of traffic and requests, which may well happen given the rising demand for new emojis in the past couple of years. Users can also tweak their Franken-emojis by altering the position parameters in the URL code. Randazzo made the tool mostly for fun – you can save your random emojis as PNG files, but apart from that, they’re virtually useless.

We experimented with Randemojinator to create our own random emojis...

...with some creepy results...

Aaron Waterhouse

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