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#Twitter #Stock Takes Worst Drop in Company History

Concerns about the future of Twitter continue to mount in Wall Street. In their second quarterly earnings report they reported an 8 million increase in users from 308 million to 316, which is promising, but their share prices have dropped below $26, which was the original valuation when they floated in November 2013. This brings their market value down to $17.6 billion, still substantially more than the $13.6 billion they claimed when they raised share prices in 2013, but well below their record high of $41.5 billion.

This comes on the heels of a statement from current CEO Jack Dorsey which stated that the site had been under-performing and that drastic changes needed to be made to win it up to code. Given that Dorsey was only even meant to stand in for the role until a new one can be found, that makes their situation even more uncomfortable-looking. Harvard, Yale and Stanford have all dumped large caches of Twitter stock in recent months and other big name investors are following suit.

According to analysts, the key issue is that Twitter aren't doing enough to broaden their appeal. Certainly, they've done their utmost to keep in line with the latest trends, leading the live streaming race with Periscope and taking steps to get in on the curated content game with Project Lightning. The trouble is that their main competitor is Facebook and not only are they make bigger, faster advances in broadening appeal, but they're also surging ahead in terms of market valuation, share prices and in particular, user base scale, with almost 1.5 billion registered users to date.

Compared to Twitter, Facebook is far easier to understand and interface with, whereas Twitter's appeal only really become apparent after you 'break through the wall', so to speak. Some analysts have been a bit more optimistic about the situation, particularly The Bank of England's David Bradnum, Christopher Lovell, Pedro Santos and Nick Vaughan, who discussed Twitter's upside appeal during a lengthy blog post and mutually concluded that Twitter's consistent, freeflow data stream is invaluable to bankers who want to draw a spread of customer data.

Certainly, Twitter's decision to make their API archives available to marketers plays into that appeal and it will only help them during this difficult period. The BoE analysts also pointed out that Twitter is the best platform for drawing a detailed spread on regional information, rather than just national.

Banks are an invaluable pool of investors to have on your side (provided there isn't another market crash any time soon, but we're all screwed if that happens, so it doesn't really matter), but will they be enough to pull Twitter out of this funk? Alone, no, but it's worth remembering that Twitter are in a very transitional period at present, and once they finish reshuffling their top brass and start unveiling more plans for the future, everything could change.

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