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Twitter Opens Up Full Archive Search API for Businesses


Since acquiring social data provider Gnip last year, Twitter have been playing around with different ways to tantalise companies with all the precious data stored in the platform archives. All the big social media platforms have ways of trading data to businesses in exchange for commerce and general marketing value, but Twitter's data archives are, for whatever reason, more hotly sought after than any other.

Now, working closely with Gnip, Twitter have opened up access to their entire archive API to enterprises, allowing them to mine the data to better audience research. That's 9 years' worth of hundreds of millions of active tweeters all across the planet. This has applications above and beyond mere marketing. Political campaigning could benefit hugely from this, as could the media, since if they can go back and examine the public responses to certain types of news reports they can apply that data when similar stories emerge.

Trend and probability forecasting are beginning to become absolutely vital to a good social media marketing strategy, especially considering how easily even a little slip-up on a popular corporate account can lead to a PR disaster. A selection of analytics providers (Sprout Social, Pulsar, SocialBro, etc.) have already incorporated the API access into their platforms, but it's probably still a bit too early to properly gauge just how well it's working.

The value of the kind information Twitter has access to is rising exponentially, they haven't disclosed exactly how much they're charging enterprises for access to the archive but they could probably name their price. This is despite the fact that Twitter is becoming less popular among current social media users, the archive would have probably been even more valuable 3-5 years ago, and Jack Dorsey recently admitted that trying push developers away from Twitter was a mistake. Moves like this seem like a way of rectifying it.

As the weeks go by, we'll undoubtedly start seeing a change in the efficiency of targeted advertising as a result of this, but since users are migrating away from Twitter, it's fair to suggest that the usefulness of the information has an expiration date. For now though, the ageing platform has further cemented its status as an effective marketing tool.

Callum Davies

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