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#Twitter Introduce #PremierLeague #Emoji

Any sport is fun to track on Twitter but football might be the absolute zenith. For some reason the beautiful game and memetic online humour seem to go together like peanut butter and jam (jelly to our American readers). Just about every meme you've ever tried to explain to your mum has been reworked to be about Christiano Ronaldo and Twitter is usually the best hub for all of it, especially during the premier league.

Twitter have been aware of how much EPL support they get on the platform for some time, a while back they released an interactive map which showed which teams had the strongest support in which places, based on tweeting activity and follower statistics. That was pretty cool, I'm not so sure about this new thing.
In order to help everyone get nice and hyped for the new season, they've rolled out an all new range of EPL-centric emojis. If you're confused as to what that exactly means, don't worry, I was too. It turns out they're literally just the emblems for each team, it's the way you summon them that's the big sticking point. In order to make them appear, you either post the hashtag shorthand for a specific team (#WHUFC - West Ham), the combined shorthand for both teams playing for a match (#NORCRY - Norwich City vs Crystal Palace) or just #BPLKickOff for the standard league logo.
How exactly this helps fans to rub it in each other's faces is decidedly unclear, they did this for the World Cup too and nobody really seemed to get the point of it then, either. The guiding principle behind it seems to be making Twitter's exclusive claim on football even clearer than it already was, but it probably would have helped if they had made the pertinent hashtags slightly easier to remember, like say, just the names of the actual teams (although, bizarrely, #Arsenal works).

Twitter is still more or less the ideal place to track the buzz whilst the matches are going on, but they didn't really need to do anything to promote that. These new emojis probably didn't take a massive amount of effort to program in, which just makes me wonder why, if they're committed to being the EPL hotzone, they didn't come up with something more elaborate.

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