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#Twitter #Engineer Who #Hacked a Moving #Jeep #Resigns

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In one of the bizarre recent stories about technology tampering, engineer and well known security expert Charlie Miller hacked into a Jeep Cherokee SUV in a stunt designed to prove that all current technology is hackable, even the kind that you drive around in. This event prompted the first mass recall of a car due to concerns over hacking.

Miller and his team did it by using a cellular network to get into the entertainment system and then, from there, seize control of the steering, engine and brakes. This terrifying revelation has seemingly not only given FCA a rattling, but the entire motoring industry at large.

Miller had been working with Twitter for 3 years, but has now departed without any comment on the nature of his exit. Before Twitter he had worked for the National Security Agency and is considered one of the leading experts on cyber security in the entire world. The Jeep stunt certainly testifies to that.

Speaking in purely speculative terms, Miller might just have decided that his services were no longer needed at Twitter, or that his time could have been better spent in more of a freelance environment, enabling him to help numerous companies improve their cyber security at once. It could just as easily have been another factor in the ongoing Twitter management reshuffle as the site continues to seek out a new CEO.

In previous hacking demonstrations, Miller has uncovered flaws with Macbooks, a huge flaw in the iPhone SMS system and he's given speeches on security for dozens of different groups, including NATO. With Twitter, he was one of the people pushing for two-step authentication and the relative drop in Twitter hacks recently might well be partially down to him.

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