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Tweets Now Appearing in Google Desktop Search Results

Google and Twitter are getting on rather well at the moment. With Twitter still finding its feet after the departure of Dick Costolo and weathering a spate of financial issues, Google is providing them with some much needed support. In May, tweets were made visible in mobile Google search results and now the same rule applies to desktop searches.

It's a mutually beneficial decision, to be sure. Having Twitter results appear in search results will doubtlessly encourage more people to sign up, and it will also increase the depth of up to date news coverage Google will be able to offer in searches, since now you'll see the public chatter right there next to the press reports.

It also makes non-specific news or current information searching easier, since if you search for a famous name, breaking news about their activity might not show up immediately, but if you get their Twitter and/or tweets about them involved, the odds of finding what you need will only increase.

Twitter will likely be hoping that this makes them look like a more enticing marketing prospect, as they've been historically pretty weak on advertising when compared to other social media platforms. Increasing the user-base after the recent slump is pretty clearly the main aim though. Google were always Twitter's best hope of building exposure again and a good working relationship with them will be invaluable if they run into any more trouble.

This move has been going around the rumour mill since almost the beginning of the year, with Costolo himself alluding to it back in February. Why it's taken this long to come into effect is unclear, but Twitter will almost definitely start to see results almost straight away.

Callum Davies

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