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Trump Called Out by Teenage Singer on YouTube

It's disturbing just how well Donald Trump is doing at the moment. Despite repeatedly making himself look like an out-of-touch, bigoted goofball, his loyal followers continue to hang on his every word. The real race for president is still a ways off, so there's plenty of time for the bubble to burst, but every social media storm stirred up by his unpleasant antics is going to prolong the inevitable further still. That's why I'm glad things like this exist.

That angelic voiced political agitator is Molly Bergman, a 13-year-old singer-songwriter and presumably not a republican. In the song she calls Trump a chump, urges him to back out of the race and highlights how 'shady' it would be to have ex-model Melania Trump as the first lady. She also highlights the fact that Trump doesn't clarify his policies and that often his 'first instinct is to bully'.

Trump hasn't registered any kind of response to the song as yet but it wouldn't surprise me if he did, he seems to think that literally anyone is fair game, and that nothing is off limits. At time of writing, Trump is still pulling well ahead of the other 16 candidates, whilst also seemingly picking new fights on Twitter almost on a daily basis.

The most poignant lyric in the song though might be Bergman's request for Trump to 'apologise to women'. Trump has said some flagrantly misogynistic things not just during the campaign but throughout his career, and it's one of the things people find most unacceptable about him.

Since being uploaded on August 9th the video has pulled in 167,000 views, but that doesn't take all the sharing across media sources into account. Certainly the combination of her sweetly toned voice and the gravity of her words make for a potent combination. Bergman herself, of course, won't be able to vote against him in the election, but she's obviously doing her utmost to make sure a few people do it on her behalf.

Callum Davies

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