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Taxi App Hailo Stages Amazing Prank on Customers

You know how it goes, you're out and about in Dublin, looking on Google Maps for a decent pub only to discover that all your best options are at least a 30 minute walk away. You boot up Hailo, one of the most comprehensive taxi apps available in Ireland, but when your car arrives, there's a 3-year-old at the wheel.

Your first thought is probably to wonder whether someone slipped something in your morning coffee, but in truth is if this did happen to you, you were the victim of an amusing prank conducted by the app to celebrate their third birthday (hence the age of the kid). How you got this far without figuring that out for yourself is beyond me. Seriously, sort your life out. You're a mess.

The deceptively elaborate prank involved the actual driver hiding himself behind a false extension on the driver's set, with his head being covered by a fabric that becomes transparent when it's close to the eyes. This way, he was able to drive whilst whispering instructions to the decoy driver (it alternated between both of his twin sons) as he drove along, maintaining the illusion. Hidden cameras were installed in the vehicle to record the reactions of different passengers, first to the sight of a child driving a taxi and then to the big reveal.

The reactions range from amused perplexity to outright bewilderment, some passers by who spy either Kai or Kal driving along look as if they're legitimately considering calling the police. This isn't the first time Hailo have done something like this. While the referendum on gay marriage was going on back in May, they introduced a 'heterophobic' taxi driver and filmed passenger reactions in a similar way.

That one had a bit more to it than just confusing people though, as the driver in question, after he'd dropped the act, gave each passenger an informational leaflet about the vote and explained that Hailo would cover €15 worth of fare for anyone travelling to the polling station. It was a brilliant little piece of supportive campaigning. Considering all the mounting evidence that Uber are kind of, well, evil, it's nice knowing that there's a taxi app out there that actually has a soul.

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