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#Syrian #Refugees Praise #Merkel on #SocialMedia

Syria is a country being torn apart by Civil War, with death and destruction now widespread throughout the nation and reports of heinous torture in state prisons circulating widely. The effect of the conflict on the Syrian populace since the outbreak of hostilities in 2011 is massive, with as many as 9 million Syrian citizens reported as being displaced by the atrocities.

With no end to the conflict in sight, the situation has left millions of Syrians without anywhere to call home, so many of them end up illegally entering Europe in an attempt to escape the horrors of their home nation. According to the Dublin Regulation statute implemented by the European Union, European countries are required to immediately send any illegal immigrants back to the country from which they departed. Germany's Angela Merkel, however, has taken matters into her own hands.

Unwilling to stand idle while so many people suffer, Merkel has openly pledged to disregard the EU statute and welcome 800,000 Syrian refugees into Germany to seek a life away from the violence. Naturally, the announcement has caused an influx of praise, support and declarations of love for the Chancellor from the Syrian populace. Taking to sites such as Twitter, Syrians uploaded masses of sentiments and imagery declaring their appreciation for the move and offered their personal thanks to the decision makers involved, with Merkel being elevated to almost divine status in the eyes of the Syrians.

Of course, as with any announcement concerning immigration, Merkel's statements are not without opposition. Many far-right inclined citizens of Germany have slated the Chancellor and her government for a move they consider to be unwise and detrimental. Merkel herself was the victim of much heckling as she arrived at a refugee camp in Heidenau last Wednesday, where violent anti-immigration protests broke out over the weekend.

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