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Shatner and GISHWHES Lead #LLAP Leonard Nimoy Selfie Tribute

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It's been almost half a year since Leonard Nimoy passed away. At the time, the outpouring of commemoration rippled across the entire world, as people celebrated his legendary work on Star Trek as well as general reputation as a kind, open-hearted human being. Now, his co-star William Shatner has led another round of appreciation for the celebrated actor, in spectacular fashion.

It comes as a part of GISHWHES, the social media scavenger hunt initiative that's run ever year by Supernatural actor Misha Collins. The #LLAP hashtag has been a banner for tributary selfies incorporating the iconic pose since Nimoy's death, but as a part of the hunt, Shatner put the word out for as many fans as possible to add to the growing trend, so a massive mosaic of Nimoy could be built from all the images.

Shatner asked fans to send all the images to a special email and clearly the response was massive, because the mosaic was finished and it's incredible. So many pictures were incorporated that Shatner has actually gone so far as to submit it to the Guinness Word Records for consideration. GISHSWHES already have a couple of world records under their belt, including 'most global hugs', so it would be surprising if this also makes the cut.

Among the fans who committed photos to the cause, some famous faces were nestled in too. Stardust, WWE's most ridiculous wrestler got involved, as did Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron, actor Tom Hillmann and Nimoy's own son, Adam. Of course, you can't really tell that in the image, but it's nice knowing that all those people are nestled in there somewhere.

Shatner also seemingly tried to recruit Justin Bieber to the cause, but attracted the attention of Mashable in doing so and entered into a bit of a spat with their editor over the issue. So far as I can tell, Bieber never submitted an image, which is probably for the best.

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