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Selfie App Frontback Saved from the Brink of Collapse

Frontback is one of those apps that should really be a bigger deal than it is. It's a selfie app which, rather than just helping you snap better pictures of yourself, takes simultaneous images of you and whatever you looking at and knits them into a composite. I mean sure, it's only a shortcut to something you could do yourself with relative ease, but it takes the concept of the selfie and does something fresh and interesting with it. 

Last week it looked like the app would never rise to the acclaim is rightly deserves, as the company announced that they would be shutting down on August 15th due to a lack of funds, despite having over 2 million users. They had previously declined a $40 million acquisition offer from Twitter, which in light of this development might seem like a huge mistake.

Well last Friday the day was saved. Thanks to a new parter (who remains suspiciously unnamed), Frontback were granted the funding they needed to keep the app up and running. The new team will take over control of the product as a gradual changeover is made, at some point during which the identity of the mysterious benefactors will presumably be revealed

The kind of language being used in all the statements suggests that the app will be getting a full business and distribution overhaul. It's a sad state of affairs when an app with 2 million users still isn't getting enough love to stay afloat by itself but the tech world is a harsh, cut-throat one and fading out of renown too quickly can often be fatal. If this all works out, it will be nice to see Frontback start doing better, the selfie as a concept is pretty derivative, if you ask me, so anything that encourages people to think more about turning the camera away from them instead of towards, whilst still keeping the core concept, is worth preserving.

Callum Davies

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