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Photographers Can Add #Foodporn Snaps to Maps Locations

Google is testing a new feature that will allow food photographers to attach their images to locations on Google Maps. The feature will send a notification if an image is taken in a food-related place with the option to upload the photo to the location on Maps. For now it is only available to Map Maker Local Guides at level 3 and above for testing.

The company trialled a food photography app earlier this year called Tablescape, but closed it in June to invest resources in other projects. The app allowed users to tag their ‘foodographs’ with hashtags called ‘food icons’ with descriptions like ‘vegetarian’, ‘vegan’, and ‘gluten free.’ A ‘Dish of the Day’ feature showed users the best dish (chosen by the editors) uploaded on that day. When Google closed the app, it said that we could expect to see the influence of Tablescape in future apps. The new Maps feature isn’t a fully-fledged app, but Google’s email to Local Guides calls for users to upload photos of their ‘epic meals,’ suggesting that it will be a new tool to put your food snaps to good use, instead of just posting them on Instagram.

But food porn could be deemed illegal if other countries are to follow the example set by German law, which states that if a photo of an artfully arranged plate of food is uploaded to social media, it could be breaching copyright laws, as it is the creation of a chef, not you. In certain cases, you would have to ask permission to upload an image to Facebook or Instagram. It’s unlikely that most restaurants would be willing to discourage free publicity, and many interact with their customers on social networks, so there’s no need for concern.

Food ads are often deceiving – real-life food rarely looks anything like it did in pictures, and this can be a major turn-off for customers, so Google’s new food photography feature has a lot of potential for changing the food industry. 


Aaron Waterhouse

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