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Man and His Dog Get Stuck in Hole, Twitter Gets Them Out

Toronto cartoonist Ryan North found himself stuck in a hole on Tuesday when he climbed into a wet skate bowl with his dog, Chompsky, and realised that he couldn’t get out. North slid into the bowl to get a picture of his companion, but afterwards it dawned on him that to get out he would need both hands – leaving Chompsky behind.

He made a few attempts to get out with his dog under one arm, without success. He couldn’t get out, but he wouldn’t abandon Chompsky. So naturally, he turned to Twitter to ask for help. ‘If I climbed into this in the rain to get this picture and now couldn’t get out, what should I do?’ he asked the world.

North, who writes a web comic about humorous dinosaurs, live tweeted about his predicament and quickly found an audience who were willing to help. Some gave practical advice, some farcical. When someone told him to search his surroundings, North tweeted back an inventory of items: an umbrella and a pocket computer with internet access. So began a stream of tweets with advice on how to escape from his concrete prison.

The advice included plugging the drain hole and sitting in his upturned umbrella until he floated to the top, lifting Chompsky to the edge, making a grappling hook with his belt and the umbrella, or improvising a body sling with his shirt to carry his buddy.

Someone suggested that Chompsky could escape on his own, but North responded with a picture of the dog looking rather uninspired about the whole debacle. Someone else provided the obvious response, but calling 911 would be an admittance of defeat, obviously.
Others did not take North’s dilemma as seriously. Some advised him to accept his sad fate and start a new life in the hole. ‘Where were you when @ryanqnorth live tweeted his gradual demise from inside a hole?’ asked one. ‘In a hole,’ was the reply. ‘If it’s any consolation, your very tall skeleton may help the next person to escape.’ ‘Let my skeleton serve the next generation of hole men.’

Finally, half an hour after his first tweet, someone made a promising suggestion: that he climb out of the hole, then use the leash and the umbrella to pull Chompsky out after him. Minutes later, their tribulation was over. ‘It’s a crazy, nonsensical solution that you’d see in an adventure game,’ said North. ‘We live in an era where a man can fall into a hole and tweet his way out of it. I think that’s pretty great.’

If North took a lesson away from the ordeal, it was this: ‘NO HOLE CAN DEFEAT ME; I DEFY ALL HOLES.’   

Rumour is there’s a movie spin-off of North’s story in the works...

Aaron Waterhouse

Aaron is a recent English graduate from Durham University who is now working as a content writer intern. An enthusiastic traveller, he hopes to become a journalist and report from around the world. Follow him @AaronAtSMF.

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