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#LinkedIn #SlideShare Adds #Pinterest Style #Clipboard

LinkedIn acquired SlideShare 3 years ago and it's just been quietly carrying on since then. It's basically just a platform that allows people to host slideshows online, with a desktop version and a more recent iOS iteration. It made sense for LinkedIn to snap it up, given their relationship with business people and all their businesses and business things. Slideshows are business things. I saw it in a movie.

The two have never really directly integrated though, LinkedIn's ownership of the company has not involved any kind of rebranding or increased functionality between the two, nothing to write home about, anyway. That's all changed now. The service has been rebranded as 'LinkedIn SlideShare' and a shiny new feature has been introduced - 'clipping'.

Tech Crunch
Clipping has a very Pinterest feel to it, enabling users to save specific slides to personal clipboards and organise them by topic, date or whatever it is that connects them all. Same basic principle as pinboards, just a different thing you might find in an office with the word 'board' on the end. The applications are very different though. Pinterest is more about compiling visual information about an event, product or activity in a slick, simple way, where as this is like a way of taking far more detailed, pertinent notes about something.

Say, for example, you're doing some research on job interviews, you could gather together all the best slides you find as a kind of research companion. Beyond this though, you can also share your clipboards with others, if you think other people could benefit from the information as much as you do.

The most significant advantage of this is that your clipboards are directly tied to your LinkedIn profile, meaning that people have a far better understanding of who they're getting slides from and what their credentials are like. LinkedIn are likely planning to better combine the two services, especially since SlideShare is far less of a social network than LinkedIn, and it will be interesting to see what else they come up with.

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