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#LinkedIn Release #LinkedInLookup - An Office #Rolodex App

LinkedIn has a reputation primarily for helping people find work, or connect different companies together, but not so much for connections within companies. With their latest addition to their ever-growing arsenal of apps and features, they're looking to change that.

Once installed, the app will ask you to verify your employer by email, after which it will grant you access to contact information for other people in your company. For someone like me, the appeal is limited, there are 10 people in my office, if I needed to contact them I could just speak or throw a company branded stress-ball at them (I have a small ammo dump of them in my desk drawer for this very reason), but for larger companies with multiple offices, possibly even in different countries, it's a godsend.

The functionality was already technically available within the LinkedIn site, but this app streamlines the process. The guiding principle behind it seemed to be that it saves people the trouble of creating in-company contact profiles online, they can just used their LinkedIn one, all the necessary information is already there.

Facebook have been working on some thing kind of similar for a while now, an app called Facebook at Work. It sounds like an entry in the 'Negative' section of an employee review, but really it's a condensed, communication-targeted version of the normal feed which limits your network to the colleagues, as well as keeping things like photos and other personal material out of the equation. It's still in the testing phase but it has had a limited release, so it probably won't be too long before it comes out proper.

The LinkedIn one has a bit more promise, if you ask me, since you will have already put all the work related information you might need into your LinkedIn profile. It will be massively beneficial to employers who want to figure out which staff would be suitable for an upcoming project, for example. The app is currently available for free on iOS, and there's an Android version in the works.

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