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Kid's Favourite Reward App: BehaviorWorld

A new app is set to take the world by storm just in time for the summer break and I can tell you now that parents will be grateful for this one. 


BehaviorWorld, which can be found on the iTunes store or www.BehaviorWorld.net, may sound like a really out-of-touch adult's attempt at making discipline fun, but guess what? It seems to be working and is actually based on a really good concept.

Having spent 14 years in special education as an occupational therapist, Kevin Spiteri, the Co-Founder of Helping Hands Systems LLC and BehaviorWorld, said his 9 year old son has inspired the app. After going through a difficult divorce with his wife, Kevin noticed his son had begun to develop some naughty streaks. Like many parents, Spiteri turned to a chart system with a prize at the end to help get his son on the straight and narrow.

When he saw how well it worked, he realised that there was a gap in the market and turned this boring paper routine into a game-like, colourful and customisable app! 

Positive reinforcement is all this app focuses on to help turn your child's behaviour round.

The first part of BehaviorWorld is choosing a buddy and theme. This then becomes your child's avatar to help track their progress. See below:

The buddies come in a range of cute little monsters/animals and the backdrops range from magical forests to outer space landscapes.

The next step is to customise your child's behaviour chart. There is a bank of skills and behaviours but there is also the option to add your own. There are 3 categories of pre-set options made up of school, home and community. For example, the school behaviours are along the lines of "I kept my hands and feet to myself" and "I sat nicely in my chair/on the rug."

You pick a few skills your little one needs to work on, then you chose how many "steps" they have to take in order to win a prize (which you can customise or pick from the bank again). Every time the child performs their behaviours well, their buddy moves forward a step, gains a token (like in the image above) and is one step closer to that prize.

To make the prize ultra-tantalizing you can even upload a photo of it. You can insert an image of that game he's wanted for weeks or that plush unicorn she's had her eyes on. It's so customisable and that's what makes this app so appealing to everybody.

So let's speak hypothetically.

Our naughty little one called... "Adam" keeps having fights with his sibling "Leo." So Adam has to "Play nicely with Leo" for 10 steps and then he can get the reward of a dinner out at Nando's.

The rewards can be adjusted depending on the child's location. If they're at school, the reward might be a classroom party. Or, if the development is being done at home, they could get anything from a new toy to a trip to the movies.

What's super handy is that you can sync up more than one device to the same account and therefore access the tool anytime, anywhere.

When the child reaches the reward you can share the success via email. Sharing automatically attaches an award certificate and can be sent to anyone you want. This tool is particularly handy for the teachers using it who want to let parents know updates, or for separated parents who are trying to work together.

The app was only released in July and is not very well known yet, but we can tell it's only a matter of time before everyone gets their hands on the free tool. Whilst right now it is only available on iOS, the company's website and Facebook have declared that an Android version is coming soon. 

Megan Herdson
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