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#ILookLikeAnEngineer Set to Appear on Billboard

For the past few days, the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign has been trending like crazy. Equality awareness campaigns are always a big deal and when you get science involved, so much the better. The purpose of the campaign is to clarify the fact that engineering is an extremely diverse practise, unfairly served by gender and racial stereotypes. Thousands of engineers of all shapes and sizes have tweeted images of themselves to help get this point across.
It was kicked off by Isis Wenger, a platform engineer who, after she appeared in a recruitment ad for her company and was told that she didn't 'look like' an engineer. Now, as a result of the campaign's success, Wenger and Zana web developer Michelle Glauser have started an Indiegogo campaign to have a billboard put up in San Francisco. The campaign went live yesterday and it's already exceeded its $3,500 funding goal, currently it's sitting at over $9000 from a little under 120 donors.
The additional money will help increase the physical arm of the campaign beyond just one large billboard. Glauser is planning to put ads on cars, buses and possibly events. One is already planned to take place in San Francisco on August 13th. The aim is not only to exemplify the diversity of engineering, but also to encourage more people to undertake it as a career path, regardless of race or gender.
Workplace inequality continues to be a tentative issue across many different technological fields, Google, Facebook and other big hitters often get called out on it, despite constant pledges that they are trying to do better. Of course in order for equality to increase, a more diverse range of people need to actually apply, and often the root issue is that people think they are less likely to get the position because they don't fit the stereotypical mould. This campaign directly addresses that issue, encouraging an equilibrium between companies improving hiring policy and more people actually applying for the positions they offer.

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