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Facebook Security Checkup - What it is and How to Use It

Profile security is an ongoing issue not only on Facebook but on just about any account-based service. People are becoming more wary of just how much of their information is being monitored and sent around, permanent profile deletion is becoming a huge sticking point and sites for which discretion is absolutely vital are being targeted by hackers. It's a scary time to be online.

Last Thursday Facebook took additional measures to help people keep their profile information secure in the form of the 'Security Checkup' feature. Like most new features, they're rolling it out on a gradual basis, releasing to batches of users day-to-day. If you don't have it yet, it's possible to visit a webpage and give it a try, but exactly how does it work and what is it offering?

In essence, it's just a more intuitive, more detailed way of personalising your security settings across the various different apps and areas that Facebook presides over. It's a short, simple process, but an effective one. Once you've got the new feature, it will appear as a prompt at the login screen, much like your email might have asked you for your phone number at some point or another.

The first thing you'll see is a list of browsers and apps you're logged into via Facebook, but only the ones which have been inactive for a month or more. You can then select which ones you want to log out of. After that you'll be given the option to enable login alerts. This is a feature that already existed in settings for the Facebook app, it was just a little hard to find. It allows you to enable either emails, texts or push notifications to tell when any app or service has been access via your Facebook details, so that if it isn't you, you can get it shut down straight away. It's well worth doing.

Beyond that, you are just offered a list of simple tips about profile security and given the option to change your password, in case any of this stuff has made you question just how effective it is (or just if you'd been meaning to anyway and hadn't gotten around to it yet). The whole process should only take a few minutes and you can skip it and come back to it later, but it's good to get it out of the way. It's always worth remembering that a lot of apps that keep you constantly logged in use your Facebook details, so having a way of managing it so that you always know which ones are active it massively helpful.

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