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#Facebook Connect Fans with #Celebrities with #Mentions #App

After using Lollapalooza to showcase their own take on curated content recently, Facebook are now stepping into the ring with Periscope and Meerkat with 'Mentions', their own live broadcasting app. Rather than just building a Facebook-backed imitation of either of those, though, they're coming armed with an interesting USP: famous people. Mentions is designed to cater to verified celebrity accounts, enabling people to much more easily follow the live activity of their favourite stars.

Mentions broadcasts will appear in the Facebook feeds of anyone who follows the account just like anything else and once activated, they will broadcast the live stream, whilst comments pop up beneath at an even, readable pace. To keep things civil, Mentions users have the option of blacklisting any words or phrases they don't want to appear. It won't stop the trolls, but it will force them to be a bit more creative. I don't know if that's a good thing, it's like when viruses adapt to resist antibiotics.

Presumably, for the time being at least, you'll need to stop scrolling or tab out to watch the feeds properly, at least until the floating video feature we've been promised finally arrives. Stars who have signed up to the service thus far include Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Ashley Tisdale, Martha Stewart, Serena Williams and Michael Bublé. I'm trying to figure out a pattern with those names but I just can't find one, they would make for a very weird dinner party.


The Rock was the first to implement the app, using it during a recent premier event. During the broadcast he responded in real time to a lot of the comments that popped up. That function adds an interesting 'Q&A' vibe to the app that might help it stand out more against the competitors.

That being said, keeping usage reserved to verified accounts still seems a little unwise. Internet fame is fuelled by exposure on the right platforms, not the other way around and people might find the restrictive nature of Mentions discouraging, prompting them to spend more time on Twitter or elsewhere. It might well become universally available eventually, depending on the reaction they get. Social media is basically one massive, ongoing experiment and we are all subjects, Facebook understand that better than almost anybody else.

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