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#DeflateGate Finally Finds a Culprit - #TomBrady

Those of you with long memories will remember that we covered the DeflateGate scandal on here back at the beginning of the year. It was the term used as a banner for an incident involving the New England Patriots during the closing weeks of the 14/15 NFL season, when the eventual Super Bowl champions were caught using slightly deflated balls during the division championship, lending them an unfair advantage.
The hearings and enquiries have been going on pretty consistently since then, but public interest waned and it seemed like we would never find out exactly whose fault it was. Well, now we know, it was almost certainly Patriots QB and mega-star Tom Brady. There was already substantial evidence to suggest that Brady was aware that this was going on, but the revelation that he had his mobile phone (which contained information important to the case) destroyed sealed his doom and he was slapped with a 4 game suspension. Brady is appealing the decision and posted a statement on his Facebook page denying that he had any involvement whatsoever.
People on Twitter certainly seem less sure of his innocence. As has been the case with every break in this case, the social media reaction has been widespread, varied and amusing. Journalists, sports fans and even fellow players have gotten in on the act, largely criticising Brady for being involved but also reflecting on the ridiculousness of his continuing refusal to admit to any wrong doing. Some are even going so far as to suggest that a 4 game ban is an unfit punishment. It means Brady will miss all the pre-season games, but they have no real bearing on the team's standings during the regular season, they are more like a warm-up.
Brady does have one person fighting in his corner, but sadly for him it's the equivalent of a character from Street Fighter turning up to help you fix your car - it's our old friend Donald Trump. Speaking to Boston Herald radio, Trump described Brady as a 'good friend' and asserted that he should have sued the NFL to the tune of $500 million. Something tells me that Brady's credibility isn't going to get much mileage out of that one.
On the flip side, the best jab emanated from St. Louis Rams defensive end Chris Long, who jokingly referenced Brady's bizarre defensive claim that he destroys his old phone every time he gets a new one (even though the phone he had before the one he destroyed was turned over to the investigation intact). Clearly the social media training the Rams have been getting has paid off (or hasn't, depending on your perspective). This is likely to keep swirling around until Brady's futile effort to fight the suspension finally runs out of steam, so it's worth checking back to the #DeflateGate hash from time to time to see where the shots are being fired from.

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