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#DateADweller - Fallout and Tinder Look for Love in the Wasteland

Tinder is fast becoming the wild-card of social media advertising. Advertisers have attempted various weird and wonderful ways to turn the dating app into a promotional tool, but it never seems to be the people you'd expect. This might be the most outlandish use of it yet though, as game developer Bethesda have started using Tinder to promote their hugely anticipated post-apocalyptic RPG - Fallout 4.

For the uninitiated, the Fallout series has you creating a character and trying to carve your mark in the irradiated, hostile hell-hole that used to be the US of A. You spend most of your time dealing with raiders, trading goods for bottle caps (the currency of the game), building bizarre weapons, clearing out abandoned settlements and running away from these terrible things.

None of that has anything to do with dating (although in Fallout New Vegas there is a woman who will have sex with you in exchange for a selection of giant insect eggs), but Bethesda have nonetheless decided to market the game to the swiping crowd.


If you load up Tinder now, regardless of your gender preference, you will be in with a chance of seeing the profile of 'Vault Boy'. Vault Boy likes 'putting out fires, taking coffee breaks and exploring the blasted landscape' and with his help you can become a vault Overseer and help build the perfect underground community.

In truth, the profile is directly promoting the app-based Fallout Shelter mini-game that was released in anticipation of Fallout 4. The app enables you to found and run a small, cartoonish vault community. Dating and chat-up lines do play an active role in that (as you can see above), so I guess there's at least a tenuous connection.
Tied into the Tinder initiative there's also the #DateADweller hashtag on Twitter, which Bethesda have largely been using to 'wittily' retrofit aspects of the games to a dating context, such as having a high charisma level. It's a bit of a scatterbrained campaign and once you get past the weirdness of finding an ad for an RPG on Tinder, or even regarding such a thing in that context, there's not much left under the hood. It's certainly not as inspired as the Ex Machina campaign that was rolled out during SXSW, but all credit to them for trying something different.

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