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British Film Studio Creates #Live-Action #FPS on #Chatroulette

British film studio Realm Pictures has created a live-action choose-your-own adventure on webcam chat site Chatroulette. Random users stumbled into a Doom-style first person zombie shooter, complete with head-up display, sound effects, a comic health avatar, and a fully interactive main character. To play, they talked to the hero to guide him through each scene, giving voice commands to help him avoid the undead and find hidden weapon upgrades in a classic churchyard setting.

The player is in full control of the hero. He can tell him where to go and give commands like ‘open the door’ or ‘pick up the shotgun’. Making the wrong decision leads to a gruesome death, but some players fared better against the zombie hordes and made it to the final boss battle against an enormous axe-wielding demon. Along the way are numerous nods to classic video game elements, like the ‘mash “X” button to escape’ scenario and hyperbolic health-replenishing pickups.

The UK production team released a companion behind-the-scenes video which you can watch below.  The first person style was created using a helmet cam consisting of a motorbike helmet strapped with a GoPro camera and a Teradek Cube encoder which streams live HD video to the web. Repainted Nerf guns substituted weapons in the game, which include a shotgun, a machine gun turret, and a rocket launcher. The sound was created with a soundboard of around 40 to 50 sound effects, while the zombies were played by extras from the local town. The final boss was an actor dressed in a modified Space Marine suit donated by a cosplayer.

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