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Apps for Learning - Photography

This one is a bit more left of field than the previous entries in this series. Photography is regarded just as much as a hobby as it is a profession, but there's perhaps no other skills that benefit more from apps at a rudimentary level. On top of that, so much of social media is predicated on image sharing, that pursuing a higher standard of photography for the images you put out there has become a sure-fire way of getting noticed.

There's no one way to learn to take better pictures, but apps provide an excellent way of grasping the rudiments and figuring out what methods suit you best. Mobile and tablet photography used to be a bit of a punch-line, but now the image quality on most devices is of an astonishingly high-standard. These 5 apps will teach you how to make the most of it.

Elements represents perhaps the most direct approach to teach photography of any app on the market. Replete with gorgeous HD images, the app will guide you through a series of short, concise tutorials about various different photography techniques. There's a quiz section which enables you to test your knowledge, a steady learning curve and an interface which makes referring back to previous chapters remarkably easy. Best still, everything you learn is applicable to any camera you might want to use, rather than just the device you're using the app on.

Based on Kelby's best selling digital photography handbook, this handy little app features a wide range of video tutorials and behind-the-scenes information about how to perfectly set up a shot in terms of lighting and angle. The tutorials show you how to recreate studio conditions without the need for expensive gear and they do so without deafening you with jargon. Kelby is very much the Bob Ross of photography (except, y'know, still alive). 

With updates being released constantly, Photo Academy is a great one to keep referring back to as you progress. All the information you need is neatly organised into tips and guides, with a 'diary' feature which enables you to log your progress as you learn. You can even tailor your experience based on taking particular kinds of photos, from nature to portraits to landscapes. It also easily interfaces with social media to help you show off your work.


Built primarily around user-generated content, PhotoCaddy enables you to pinpoint exactly what information you need about the photos you're planning to take, as well as adding your own pointers after the fact. Like Photo Academy, you can take notes and jot down ideas as you go along and build up a better understanding of which settings best suit which environments. It's so easy to interface with that you can stay assured in the knowledge that any time you want to take a photo, you'll be able to pull up useful advice within seconds.

This app is ideal for when you're ready to take your skills out into the world and shoot some amazing outdoor photographs. It's packed out with easy to use, frighteningly accurate information about sunlight, moonlight and weather patterns based on location and how they will affect your photography. It's not quite as entry level as the other apps on this list, but it provides a wonderful, essential way around one of the most difficult aspects of outdoor photography when you're starting out.

Callum Davies

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