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#YouTube Releases New Version of #Mobile #App

YouTube has announced a new version of its smartphone app that adds a subscription tab so that users can track their favourite YouTube stars in one place. The new app also has a Home tab and an Account tab which holds your playlists and watch history. There’s also a bell icon that fans can tap to receive notifications when their favourite channels upload a new video.
YouTube’s content creator network has blown up over the past couple of years, making internet superstars of YouTubers like Felix Kjellberg aka PewdiePie. His Let’s Play videos have over 9 billion views and last year he made $7.4 million on ads. In a video posted earlier this month, PewdiePie talks about how his YouTube fame exploded since he began making videos 5 years ago. He made the video in response to hateful comments about the legitimacy of his success.

YouTube has also added some new tools for content creators. The update allows users to take their creativity to new levels with image filters, footage trimming and music – all inside the app. In addition, vertical videos will now be viewable in full-screen for both Android and iOS apps.

The video-sharing giant is also making a push into the 3-D format. At the moment, YouTube can support videos in 360-degree format. The videos are filmed using special camera rigs that look in many different directions, and software stitches it all together. On the YouTube app or Google’s Chrome browser, viewers can pan around in any direction to change their view of the video.
Support for 3-D means that users of virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard can see images in three dimensions as they move around it. YouTube has said it will provide special rigs that support the format at its studios around the world. 

This new breakthrough may be evidence that YouTube is trying to fend off the rumours that Facebook is a real threat to the video-sharing champion.

Aaron Waterhouse

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