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YouTube Gets Rid of Hated Vertical Videos

Google has made vertical videos more tolerable by letting them fill the entire screen on Android phones. Until now, if you held your phone vertically instead of horizontally to film a video, the hated result was an annoying letterbox effect when you viewed it on YouTube. The video wouldn’t adjust to fit the screen, so it was sandwiched between two black bars, reducing visibility.

With the new update, videos now fill the entire screen – to the relief of millions of users. Instead of uselessly rotating the video 90 degrees when you click full-screen, it actually expands it to fill your phone’s display.    
The long overdue tweak is available in version 10.28 of the YouTube Android app, but it’s not confirmed whether it will come to iOS. Vertical videos will still annoy people using YouTube on computers and laptops, but for smartphone users, the nightmare has finally come to an end.

On Snapchat, vertical videos are already the norm, and all its ads fill vertical displays. Facebook beat Google to the punch too, allowing users to play vertical videos on their smartphones in full screen. After announcing a handful of new video features earlier this week, Facebook has been garnering reputation as a formidable competitor to YouTube in the battle for best video-sharing platform.


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