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Who Deleted Me App Deleted by Facebook

The Who Deleted Me app – which allows users to see who had unfriended them – has been removed from Facebook. ‘Who Deleted Me was intended to be a useful tool to enhance users’ Facebook experience,’ said the app’s developer, ‘but Facebook did not see it the same way.’ 

The app is far from being the first of its kind. It resembles a similar app for Twitter called Who Unfollowed Me, which allows users to keep track of their unfollowers from the last 30 days. There’s more – for $9.99 per year, Pro users can see a one year history of unfollowers, while for an extra $20 Pro Plus users get an unlimited history.

The Facebook app was so popular when it was launched last Monday that the site’s servers couldn’t handle the traffic and caused crashes. ‘Never did I expect it would achieve the same level of popularity it did over the last week, from being mentioned all over the media to being number 1 in the iOS App Store,’ the developer said.

But the app is being used as an example of how social media can cause paranoia, low self-esteem, and depression. The type of people who would want to monitor their friends list are the type who are more likely to be hyper vigilant to rejection, says New York-based clinical therapist Julie Gurner. The Who Deleted Me app and others like it encourage users to view social media as a ‘competition’ or a place where they are up against their friends, which can have negative mental health consequences. A report from Germany linked the amount of time we spend looking at other people’s Facebook profiles to negative emotions like loneliness and jealousy.

The trend on social media is to monitor as many things as we can in our lives. A browser extension called Marauders Map – created by Aran Khanna, a computer science and mathematics student at Harvard – used the iOS and Android Facebook Messenger app to show the movement of your friends with a worrying degree of accuracy. The app manipulates Messenger’s default location-sharing – which has to be toggled off manually – to send your coordinates to the recipients with more than five points of decimal precision – that’s within one metre of your precise location.

Khanna built the extension to show the potentially intrusive use of the information you share with the increasing digitalisation of our lives. Marauders Maps enabled him to obtain a detailed location history of a complete stranger. ‘The main problem is that every time you open your phone and send a single message it’s so easy to forget about your location date being attached to it. But the problem is, over time the information from these messages adds up,’ Khanna said.

Aaron Waterhouse

Aaron is a recent English graduate from Durham University who is now working as a content writer intern. An enthusiastic traveller, he hopes to become a journalist and report from around the world. Follow him @AaronAtSMF

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