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#WhiteHouseTour - White House Gets the Instagram All-Clear

There are plenty of images of the inside of the White House out there in the world, alongside numerous recreations of it with various Hollywood actors running around panicking about terrorists, aliens and Nightcrawler (I make no apologies for posting that scene below, it's friggin' awesome).

Up until now though, you've never actually been able to take your own snaps during a tour of the White House, but Michelle Obama has fronted an initiative to change all that. The first lady posted a tweet on Wednesday in which she held up the sign that had previously warned against photography inside the building, and tore it in half, like the veritable badass that she is.

Since then, #WhiteHouseTour has trended extensively on Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere, ranging from the artistic to the humorous to the downright adorable. The first family's dogs make more than a few appearances. Allegedly the lifted ban had a lot to do with the detrimental effect old photography has on artwork, compared to the mobile revolution. It also just generally looks better for publicity and will almost definitely lead to a spike in the already sizable White House tour figures.
There are still some restrictions, photographs can only be taken with a camera lens which doesn't exceed 3 inches (yup), you can't take video, use tablets, or mount anything on a tripod or a monopod. You can't use a selfie-stick either, which is a laudible restriction in and of itself, but the White House has even refused to refer to them as selfie-sticks, opting instead to call them 'camera sticks'. Bravo, America, bravo.
The decision is a timely reminder of the kind of forward thinking that's been synonymous with the Obama administration. He's been the most active president ever on social media, particularly Twitter but also many other formats and many of the more progressive movements under his tenure have relied heavily on trending as a means of publicity. Hopefully whoever takes over once his term finishes next year will be similarly web-savvy.
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