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Top Apps for June 2015

Here we are again. Another month has been and gone and it’s time to look at what apps have climbed to the top of the charts. We see even more social networking tools come onto the market and a few apps that might just be the most pointless things you never knew you needed.

Looking at the charts you can see just how big social media is becoming - as if it wasn't already big enough. WhatsApp has made an unlikely return to the number one spot in the iTunes store, whilst Facebook Messenger and the Facebook app hog the second and third places. But that's not it! Read on, to find out more...

The Sociable Ones



Kiwi advertises itself as a Q&A socialising app. You can ask your friends questions whilst answering your own selection and sharing your thoughts with the world.

In a similar way to all the other social networks you can gain likes and followers.

But the idea is to be footloose and fancy free whilst getting to know your friends (and new people) on a deeper level than before. Because, what Kiwi has pointed out to me, is that despite the fact these networks are here for us to socialise on - I don't think I actually ask questions or converse with any of my contacts - I just read things. Maybe Kiwi is a step in the right direction to actually getting us to talk again! 

iOS, Android, Desktop - Free



Viber's been on the market a little while, but it's crept up in those rankings to the point where I couldn't ignore it anymore.

Viber is a social app that allows you to send messages, images and make calls for free. Its selling point is the fact that you can connect with EVERYONE. You can even use the Viber-Out feature to contact those who haven't downloaded the app (but that does cost and you need to buy credit).

On it's call quality, data consumption and simplicity, Viber seems to top it's competitors.

But it's not just this that makes Viber stand out. The "Community Chats" allow you to join in discussions with strangers, whilst there is also the option to engage in calls with up to 100 users.

The mind boggles. 

iOS, Android, Desktop - Free

The Musical One

Spring - Workout Music for Running, Power Walking & Exercising


Every month there is another app that helps you compile playlists, another app that rivals Spotify and another app that doesn't offer anything new.

But we love Spring because it is a music service with a difference. 

Spring is a streaming app that comes with ready made playlists which are perfect for those who love some sick beats whilst they workout. You can adjust for it to play a particular genre, or even artist.

Spring works by asking what activity you plan to do, cycle/running etc, then gives you music that has been matched to have the right rhythm for the pace of that particular exercise. 

So if you want to get up and get fit this summer and need some decent music to help you do it, give Spring a go: the new Mr. Motivator. 

iOS - Free

The Smart One

iTunes U


iTunes U is a clever app that allows instructors and teachers to be a bit more interactive. They can use the facilities to share material and grades, to collect homework and have discussions. Meanwhile, students can use it to keep track of their submission dates and have all their reading/research in one place.

This app isn't just for those in education, it can be for anyone that wants to join one of the online courses. It certainly is revolutionary.

I can imagine that as time goes on, schools and tutors will stop needing Homework Diaries and just issue reminders on the iPhone instead.

iOS - Free

The Fun Ones

Fallout Shelter


Fallout Shelter is a cool new game which allows us to try to help survivors from the Wasteland start up a new society in an underground Vault.

The premise is simple, you must rebuild your community. More and more citizens find your shelter and with that it is up to you to build enough space to house them all whilst keeping resources up and fending off baddies. With time you can repopulate and prosper, but there are always things coming out of the Wasteland to pose a threat to your Vault.

There are talks of an Android release but nothing definite yet and whilst it is available on iOS, it does require at least an iPhone 5 or iPad 3/iPad mini 2. 

iOS  - Free

Tiki Taka Soccer


Society loves its footie games. Just look at how successful PES and Fifa have been over the last decade. 

Tiki Taka soccer is a pixely version of these games that incorporates touchscreen controls. This was the first of its kind, as so many football games on iOS weren't offering much more than a limited kick about or a managerial kind of football simulation.

Tiki Taka allows you to control the whole game with no tilt/on screen keypads whilst also keeping that important manager/career mode that sees us hooked to these sorts of games.

If that's not enough for you, the adorable and surprisingly detailed graphics of the pixel players gives it an extra edge over other games of its kind.

iOS and Android - Free

For The Little Ones

Monster Mingle


Whilst Monster Mingle has been around on iOS for a couple of months, the exciting release of an Android version earlier this month has brought MM straight back up into the public eye.

Monster Mingle is a colourful, playful app for children that allows them to mix and match themselves a monster together by finding new and exciting body parts all over the place. They can then wander around the world, picking up more body parts as they go and mingling with other monsters.

iOS and Android - £2.49

The Personal Assistant Ones

ETA - your GPS driving assistant for travel times, traffic and directions


ETA is a simple and smart app that aims to make your driving experience as smooth as possible. With access to live traffic updates and memory to store your favourite destinations, it is really quite handy.

Speaking of hands, it is also available as an Apple Watch app too, so your driving route is only ever a tap away.

This way, you can simply turn on ETA and it'll tell you how far you are from all your top locations. Next, all you have to do is give your chosen location a quick click and you'll get the best route.

ETA works with Apple Maps (and many other third-party map apps).

iOS - £1.49



Flipd is more like a strict parent, than a personal assistant. It is one of those apps you didn't know you needed .... until now. 

It helps you remove distractions by essentially locking you out of your phone. Whilst you're "Flipd Off" your distractions cease and procrastination is a thing of the past.

You simply set it on a timer and it'll keep you connected but with limited access to everything else.

You can set auto responses so your pals don't think you're ignoring them and you can "Flip Off" others if you want to keep your family/friends in check at the same time.

I can see this one being popular with parents during exam period...

Android - Free

The Possibly Pointless One

Popcorn Buzz
As if Viber’s 100 users in a group call isn’t exciting enough, Popcorn Buzz (yes I don’t know what that means either) is offering you something better than that. Not 100 users, not 150 users… but a whopping 200 users in one group call. 


The app works by sending out a URL that invites people into the chat. Then all their faces will appear in a series of icons, like little popcorn kernels ready to pop into life. These will then go green when they start speaking.

This could be a new way of company's having conference calls, or just a good way of having group conversations with your pals, that doesn't require hours and hours of tedious waiting for responses.

But still, 200 might just be a bit over kill. 

Android - Free

Megan Herdson
Megan is a country girl who moved to the city with some big dreams. She is studying her MA in Creative Writing whilst also managing an American Football Team.  She loves her blog and wants nothing more than to have her words read. That and to win the Championship, obviously. Follow her @MeganAtSMF

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