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The Ad Button - Twitter Ads Go Mobile


Twitter haven't exactly been bashful about their efforts to further monetise the service or broaden their corporate appeal. The latest development is the addition of the 'Ad Button' for the iOS and Android versions of the platform. Imprinted with a simple graph symbol, the button is neatly nestled just to the right of the 'Edit Settings' button.

For the vast majority of Twitter users, the button serves no purpose. It is directly geared towards advertisers who manage campaign accounts on Twitter, as it shows them engagement rates and spend rates. It's pretty Spartan, especially compared to Facebook's ad management app, which actually allows you to create ad pages as well as just managing them.


It would be easy to assume that the idea of managing ad campaigns on the go is a little unnecessary, but mobile technology has progressed to the point where a huge contingent of business management is done on smaller screens. Much of the feedback Twitter are getting from this has been from regular users, annoyed that another, useless button has appeared on their dashboard, but that's probably of little interest to them.

What it might well do, if nothing else, is get more people interested in advertising on Twitter and if there's enough demand for a function built into the app which allows campaign pages to be created, they'd be fools not to go for it. A standalone app would be a bit more of a leap, Facebook is so much bigger and more varied that it makes sense for them to spread themselves around multiple conduits but Twitter needn't bother with that at this stage, it would just spread them too thin.

The ad button has made a few guest appearances on other parts of the site and app in the past, so Twitter are clearly unsure of exactly what to do with it, but all this ad malarkey is still relatively new territory for them. Twitter are going through a bit of a transitional phase with Project Lightning (or 'Moments') on the horizon, but a lot of the progress does err in favour of better ad integration. I would imagine that once Lightning comes out proper and Periscope has had a bit more time to settle, more dedicated functions for advertisers will start to roll out.

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