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#NewHarryPotterBooks Leads to Some Magical Book Puns

Thousands of Harry Potter fans are in mourning after it emerged this morning that the #NewHarryPotterBooks trend on Twitter is just a joke originating on Comedy Central gameshow @midnight. The trend was started on Tuesday as part of their #HashtagWars segment, where host Chris Hardwick throws out a topic for the three-comedian panel to riff on. The Internet keeps the game going on Twitter, with the show's Twitter account retweeting the best ones – basically an online, pun-filled version of Scattergories.
The topic from Tuesday's segment quickly gained traction on social media. But Harry Potter fans were beside themselves when they realised that the trend isn't to be taken seriously.

On the plus side, the disappointment has given way to some hilarious Harry Potter-themed book puns:

As for Twitter, we have only one thing to say:

At least we have The Cursed Child to look forward to...

Aaron Waterhouse

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