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#Facebook Answer Prayers of Millions with Floating #Video #Feature

Alright, I might be exaggerating slightly there, it might only be the prayers of hundreds of thousands, but still, this is a big deal. One of the most irritating things about Facebook's increasing propensity to coat every inch of the news feed with videos is that videos are the enemy of scrolling. Either you have to tab out or stop the feed long enough to watch the whole thing. Until the feed refreshes by itself and you have to go back and find the video again. I don't need to go through all this again, I talked about it a lot in therapy last week.

To address the issue (and subsequently help prevent any more blood vessels from popping in my eyes), Facebook are bringing in a floating video feature. What this does is to allow videos to pop out in a separate little window so you can keep scrolling while you're watching whatever it is on the edge of the screen. 

As is usually the case with this kind thing the feature has been made available to a limited set of users while they work out all the kinks. Allegedly the feature also enables you to like and share the video view the window, as well as moving around the screen until you find the place it fits best. 


It's worth noting that YouTube has had a similar feature for the mobile app for quite some time, ditto Tumblr. It's difficult to say exactly why Facebook took this long to release one, since it can't have been a massively complex coding job. It certainly falls in line with their ever-increasing aspirations to be recognised as a video platform.

The only rather irritating downside to this is that the video vanishes if you ever navigate out of the news feed, which still leaves the feature a significant step down from Soundcloud's awesome music player function. Don't get me wrong, it's still a godsend, and hopefully they'll keep tweaking it until you never have to tab out of Facebook again to watch that oh-so-important vine compilation.

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