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Cinefix Create Touching Tribute to Composer James Horner

You might remember Cinefix as the creators of those amazing 8-bit cinema shorts we reported on a while back. Well you'll be happy to know that they're still doing it, but more than that, they've also created a tribute to James Horner. If you didn't already know, Horner was a legendary film composer with credits ranging from Aliens to Titanic to Apocalypto. Last week Horner died when his light aircraft crashed while he was piloting it, he was 61. As expected, there has been an outpouring of sympathy for his family and respect for the massive, invaluable mark he left on modern cinema.

Well, Cinefix have taken it one step further, creating a stunning 8-bit cinema tribute to the composer's muscular body of work. Rather than the usual whistle-stop tour of significant plot points from the classic film revisited in video-game veneer, the tribute runs through 8-bit renditions of pieces from some of his most renowned scores, with a simple 'title-screen' style visual counterpart. Starting with Glory, the video moves through Braveheart, Titanic and finally ends on An American Tale, and it was at this point, when the glitchy, chirpy reworking of 'Somewhere Out There' faded in that I thought I was going to start crying.

At the end of the video Henry and David Dutton, joint creators of the series, explain why they felt the need to pay tribute to Horner, explaining that they had bought all those classic scores on cassette tape in their youth. It's extremely touching. At time of writing the video has only been out for four days and in that time it's gained just over 16,000 views. Impressive, but a mere fraction of what it deserves, so I'd urge anyone reading this to give it a share on Facebook or Twitter.

8-bit cinema shorts have always been great at reflecting the vital role that film scores play in the emotional journey we take from opening titles to end credits. James Horner was a phenomenally versatile composer, mapping his talents perfectly to all the wildly diverse films he turned his hand to. His score for Aliens was a sweeping, subdued, melancholic counterpart to the minimalist spine-chiller Jerry Goldsmith turned out for the original and even hearing a few seconds of his score for The Land Before Time sends me into a life-threatening nostalgia trip. He was an amazing composer and he'll be sorely missed. 

Callum Davies

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