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Car Thief Tracked on Social Media

It's something all of us have dreaded - leaving your car keys somewhere and your car getting jacked as a result. No matter how organised you are, some nagging voice in the back of your head constantly reminds you that it could happen. Or maybe that's just me. Well it seems like now, if such a thing did happen, there would be one crumb of reassurance: you could kick off a social media hunt for the car-thief in question.

This is what has been happening in Saskatchewan, Canada over the past few days. On Saturday Regina resident Kyle Munday left his keys in the door as he came into work and when he realised his mistake they were already gone, along with his car. The next day, a friend at a local petrol station told Kyle that his car had appeared there and that the driver had left without paying for his fuel or cigarettes. Just to add insult to injury, he was wearing Kyle's shades.

The security footage was immediately posted online and the share count quickly broke into the thousands as people signal-boosted the footage. Then, on Wednesday he turned up at another petrol station. He'd changed his shades this time around but he was wearing Kyle's Toronto Maple Leafs jacket. Once again, he had been reported after failing to pay for his fuel. The security footage went up on Facebook and built up yet more massive sharing figures.

It's been pretty quiet since then, but another theft has been reported at another store so more security camera clips might well not be far behind. It's amusing to wonder exactly how long it's going to take this guy to figure out that his movements are being publicly tracked by thousands of would-be sleuths, or when he'll realise that it might not be the best idea to steal petrol from every station he stops at to fill up his stolen car.

Social media manhunts are nothing new, but it's not often that a perp is tracked from spot to spot as they blaze a trail across Canada in a stolen Hyundai. Hopefully the narrative will continue to unfold for a while, and Kyle will take the time to invest in one of those winder things for his keys.

Callum Davies

Callum is a film school graduate who is now making a name for himself as a journalist and content writer. His vices include flat whites and 90s hip-hop. Follow him @CallumAtSMF

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