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Beme: A More Authentic Way to Share Social Media

A new social sharing app aims to bridge the gap between real life and social media. Beme allows users to have a more authentic sharing experience by eliminating the need to look at their screens to take pictures or videos. YouTuber Casey Neistat, who created the app, says that he and his team are 'trying to do something really positive' by removing the self-awareness from sharing on social media. 

With other social sharing apps, 'instead of seeing the world with your eyes, you're seeing it through your phone,' says Neistat in a video for the app. But with Beme, you don't even need to look at the screen. The main feature of the app is that it uses your iPhone’s proximity sensor – on the front of the device – as a shutter button. To take a picture or record a video, you simply have to press your phone against your chest. To take a selfie, you can press it against a wall. 

Most other apps allow you to see your pictures and videos so that you can review them and 'scrutinise yourself' before you send them. This means that you aren't sharing the 'real' you, but a posed version of yourself made to look a certain way. With Beme, there's no picking out the best clip or picture – it instantly sends them.

Watching videos works like Snapchat before it was updated a few weeks ago – just hold down a person's username to see the video. Pictures and videos that you receive disappear once you've viewed them. 'Everything you see, you see for the first time and the last time,' says Neistat. To show your reaction to videos, you can send a genuine real-time selfie by tapping the screen.

Social media is supposed to be a digital version of who we are as people, say Neistat, but instead it's a 'highly sculpted, calculated, calibrated version of who we are, told through filters that make our eyes bluer, and carefully selected images to portray a version of ourselves that doesn't really resemble the reality of things.' 

Beme is currently only available for Apple's iOS operating system. 

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