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Will Social Media Kill the Conversation between Me, Myself, and I?


Who am I? For years we, as a race, have wrestled with this question: 
Who am I? 
What am I? 
Why am I? 
How am I?
Where am I? 

All these questions that whisper from our inner child’s little lips have been pondered, considered, examined and dissected by countless minds far sharper than mine, but still, I’ll have a stab at it.

These questions begin life as vague feelings and raw syntax and by the guiding hands of time and the metaphysical desk-tidy that is language, these feelings are sorted, organised and categorised to form the questions our adult minds ponder. As interesting as the effects of language on the untranslated idea are, it is the ‘pondering’ aspect I will be…pondering today.

Pondering describes the internal conversations that take place within our minds; simply put: silently speaking to ourselves. When, without resources, we are faced by thought-worthy facets of the world, we divulge into ourselves in a bid to solve whatever it is that we have found to be interesting or inconsistent. However, now we are rarely without resources.

If a piercing question drops from the sky to our minds like a pin, or if we are ready to prepare ourselves to wrestle an ethical dilemma, instead of looking for internal guidance or carefully considered support, we can whip out our phones –we are never alone- and seek help and insight from our online community.

Now what does this mean? A lot of things really, but I’ll stick to two. One, we abandon the little demon inside and deny its thirst for conversation (information, interaction). Two, we expand our minds and enlarge our sense of empathy as a result of the saturation of disconnected opinion. This is not a ‘for and against’, I imagine these concepts can, and do, co-exist, but I wonder…. If we were to take a break from the scrolling and trolling of social media, how well equipped would we be to wage war with our thoughts, alone?  

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