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Twitter Remove the 140 Character Limit for Direct Messages

While the 140 character barricade for tweets makes perfect sense and remains Twitter's most recognised USP, it's never really done the platform's private messaging service any favours. The limit keeps the public content concise and rapid-fire, but if you're directly, privately communicating with another user, why still enforce it? Well, happily, that's no longer a pertinent question.

As of July, the messaging portion of Twitter will no longer carry the 140 character limit. The new limit will be 10,000 characters, which translates to somewhere in the region of 2000 words, give or take. If you're bumping up against that limit, you might want to consider the idea that you have an issue with brevity before blaming Twitter for it.

Twitter now plays a huge role in customer service, and this decision will be immensely helpful in that regard, since it will allow customers and companies to have detailed exchanges without having to break them up into endless little 1-2 sentence nuggets. The move will also be extremely helpful to people who use Twitter for networking and business liaisons. 

Up until very recently, the DM function was a neglected, rather tragic component to the micro-blogging platform. The anti-spam filter was blocking non-spam messages with reckless abandon, the read count didn't work properly and notifications seemed to follow no consistent pattern known to man or science. There was (and is) still the option to @ tag people, but that would, of course, transform your private conversation into a public one. 

Now though, perhaps as a result of the sizable reshuffle going on within the company at the moment, the service is being refined and expanded. Other recent additions to it include the ability to send images, create joinable groups and message people who aren't followers. The last one is particularly useful because often if someone has for whatever reason become unreachable by email or Facebook, Twitter can end up being the last port of call. This decision might lead more users to start taking Twitter a little bit more seriously, a boost they could really do with at the moment.

Callum Davies

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