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Twitter Invest in Stadium App Developer VenueNext

Twitter's interest in mapping its platform to live events is building up with each passing day. From the advent of Periscope to their new project which can convert specific topics and events into curated feeds, it just seems to be the way the tide is turning. The latest chapter in the story is their heavy investment in VenueNext, a start-up that specialises in developing apps for arenas and stadiums.

Their most well-known, lauded project was the app for the Levi's Stadium in San Francisco, home to the 49ers. The app enables fans to order food to their seats, reserve parking spaces, buy merchandise and keep abreast of all the game's details as it unfolds, replays and all. Following the early success of the app, VenueNext immediately became hot property, attracting the attention of numerous investors, but Twitter were the ones with the deepest pockets and the broadest ambitions.

The thinking behind the investment is likely another push to encourage people to tweet during live events, and with NFL and MLB games being some of the most heavily attended sporting events in the world, it's a wise move. If Twitter get involved with other aspects of these events like the merchandise then this arm of their output would only strengthen, especially given their increased interest in shopping and commerce. Tweeting to get a round of beer might sound ridiculous, but it's far from implausible.

The capability could also very easily extend to live stage events. There are already numerous apps on the market under the banner of ticket vendors and concert trackers, but none of them are particularly universal, or have anyone as weighty as Twitter backing them.

VenueNext is expected to have apps running in 30 or more venues by the end of 2015 (by which time the new NFL season will be in full swing), so Twitter had best get a move on if they're planning on fully integrating with them. If you really sit back and think about all the promotional work done in relation to sporting events, Twitter is a perfect fit. 

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