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Twitter Add Reply Grouping to Untangle Conversations


Replying is one the biggest weaknesses the Twitter format has to account for. Due to the 'news ticker' format that Twitter adopts, tweet replies can create an unholy mess of your feed depending on how many people are in the conversation, which of them you follow and how long it's been going on. You can often find yourself backtracking through endless tweets just to figure out why the hell everyone is so angry about a photograph of an aubergine (or whatever). 

Now Twitter are addressing the issue. Starting with the browser version and moving to mobile in the near future, the home screen now displays the conversations as highlighted threads beneath the tweet that started it all. If one of these 'sub-threads' particularly interests you, you can expand it. It's kind of similar to how comments work on more popular Facebook posts with the 'view more replies' function. 

Supposedly this system also has measures in place to ferret out the more interesting conversations, like whether or not the original poster has responded to anyone directly. This could, effectively, turn larger and more poignant tweets into spontaneous forums, enabling users to scroll through all the topic discussions until they find one that they have something to contribute to. I say could because I've scrolled through a lot of comments sections in my time and rarely do I come away from the experience without at least a mild, percolating desire to kill everyone within 100 feet of me. 

Any effort to make Twitter easier to navigate is wise, the interface is so far behind and so far removed from that of the other social media giants that it's placing a barrier in front of potential new users and causing old ones to migrate elsewhere. The only risk with things like this is that it will ultimately come to resemble a more stripped down Facebook feed, given that now nearly all of Twitter's key features also appear over there.

Callum Davies

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