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Top Apps for May 2015

The month has come to an end already and so we've compiled yet another list for you to peruse. If you're thinking your app collection might be missing something, here's all the information you'll need.

We've also gone the extra mile to make sure we include plenty of Android based apps, because we know you Android fans are often overlooked by developers and enough is enough!

So, are you ready?

The Crazy, Innovative Ones

Snap Me Up

Alarm clocks suck, we all know that. Snap Me Up aims to revolutionise the way we wake up. The brand new app which was released in early May, forces you to take a selfie in order to stop the alarm.

We love how a popular fad amongst youngsters has been used as a device to get you up and at ‘em.

The app is absurdly simple and smart. It has face recognition so you can’t cheat your way out and you can save your favourite “sleepy snaps” to a gallery. The only issue we have is the fact there will be even more selfies uploaded onto Facebook saying “I Just Woke Up Like This.”

It’s only on Android at the moment. The app is free and there’s no option yet for a paid for, ad-free version.



This is one of the most obscure apps I have ever come across. The gist is: take a picture, send it off, never see it again and receive a stranger’s picture (that they can never see again) in return. Then you can share this random picture on Twitter or Instagram, if you want.

This is like an absolutely ruthless version of Snapchat! There’s no need for an account and no need to “add friends.”

It reminds me of Chat Roulette, a bit. I can see groups of friends sitting around, cracking up at the random pictures they receive. It’s definitely a time killer, but whether it will really take off – that’s something we’ll have to wait and see about.

Free - Android 

The Social Ones


I know we wrote a full article on this little chap, but it’s definitely worth another mention!

Despite coming out initially in November 2013, an update in May has sent this app straight back to the top of charts. QuizUp was always good as a basic trivia game anyway. But now, there’s an option to search for new friends based on their gender, location and interests. You can then add these people to your contacts and play against them in live time.

This god father of an expansion is bringing QuizUp into 2015 and we think it has a good shot at becoming a social media platform of its own.

Free - iOS and Android


AppChat Beta

AppChat is the app for the app lover. It inserts you into a chat room for every app you currently have installed on your phone. Then you can have live conversations with whoever else is online and has the same app. The app is one of the quickest to develop and grow, so although it’s called “beta” for now, the reviews are all very positive so far and there may be an official app released sometime soon!  

Free - Android

The Creative Ones


The best way we can describe Enlight is: Instagram on steroids. It claims to have “every photo app you’ve ever needed, wanted, or dreamed of – combined into one powerful, beautifully designed photo editor.”

And they’re right. It is a sleek and sophisticated piece of software that seems to be meeting the standards set by the unusually high price of £4.49. There are satisfied customers everywhere. If you’re willing to pay for a photo editing app, this one seems to be the way to go!

£4.49 - iOS 



Hyperlapse is an app created by Instagram and (as you probably guessed) is used to create hyperlapse and time-lapse videos. The app’s stable release was right at the end of April and with the release of Google’s time-lapse video using the public’s online photos mid-May, the app was set to sky rocket.

Being linked with Instagram will help it grow as it already has a platform for sharing. Meanwhile, if the app takes off even more, it might just be saying Instagram from its declining user base.

Free - iOS


Mindly helps “Organise your Inner Universe."

If you hadn’t guessed, Mindly is basically a way to draw up mind maps on a phone. This can come in handy for students trying to revise, business plans/meetings and generally help those really organised people.

There is an in-app purchase which will remove the limitations and gives a wider range of functions and export options.

Free – iOS and Android

The Long Awaited One

Funny or Die

Funny or die was founded in 2007 by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Until now, it was just a website. But now it’s an app and its popularity is growing quickly. If you didn’t know what the website did, well, it’s pretty much a website where you can watch hilarious videos daily.

So far, it’s still having a few teething problems, but I think this is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Android only


The Gamer Ones

Tiltagon is an arcade style game when you tilt your ball… around pentagons and other geometric shapes. It seems like a classic, rage-inducing tilt game and has an awesome sound track.

As far as games go, this is looking like one of the newest and most popular game in the charts for last month, so we recommend you give it a go.

Available on iOS and Android.

Splish Splash Pong

Okay, so we lied. Tiltagon isn’t quite the newest and craziest new game in the charts. There is this addictive new game called Splish Splash Pong. It looks really similar to Crossy Road and has the same premise in terms of the fact that you just want to beat your high score. Again and again and again. And again.

Instead of trying to move forward like all the other games of this kind (Flappy Bird/Crossy Road etc), you need to bounce back and forth whilst avoiding deadly sea-themed obstacles. Similarly to Crossy Road there are also more unlockable characters, which keeps you playing for hours on end.

Free – iOS


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