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Tinder Will Soon Introduce Video

It seems like regardless of whatever an app's original intended purpose was, the more popular it gets, the closer to a social media platform it becomes. Tinder, whilst still a dating app at its core, has been gradually adding more socially minded bells and whistles for some time now. The 'Moments' feature enables users to upload captioned pictures for their matches to see and like/dislike and the paid version has increased location functionality, with questionable success.

The notion of adding video to the mix might not seem to make a whole lot of sense, but it's happening anyway. Advertisers can already post videos on the app and in the wake of reportedly very promising engagement figures, Tinder are planning to bring the service to the users. Advertisers have experimented with many different ways of using Tinder, but supposedly Bud Light's video-based 'Whatever, USA' campaign took off like nobody could have ever predicted.

Exactly how video will fit into the app as far as users are concerned is difficult to predict. Users might be able to add videos to their standard profiles, enabling them to better introduce themselves to potential matches. Videos could also be added to the 'moments' feature or become part of the messages service. It might well end up being all three. As far as branded content is concerned, the possibilities are far broader.

It would be fair to assume that adding an advertising component to a dating app would only be detrimental to its popularity, but it seems the exact opposite happened. “We have a massive, highly engaged and passionate audience, and they’re in the frame of mind that they want to discover new content. So the idea of something new popping into a feed is positive." Said co-founder Sean Rad, speaking to The Drum at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. "You can interrupt the user because they want to be interrupted.”

At the moment there is little to indicate which profiles are 'branded' until you take a proper good look at them and Rad went on to explain that they do plan on creating further transparency with that. Even if users have been responding to branded content positively, any ambiguity on what is advertising and what isn't could easily lead to user mistrust. It's a wise move.

The side-effect of a friendlier attitude towards branding, however, is that it will probably lose some of the creativity that made it so appealing in the first place. Tinder wasn't designed to support advertising, so marketers had to think outside the box to make it work, the easier Tinder make it for them, the less hard they'll have to try.

Callum Davies

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