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Store All Your Mobile Images on One App with KwiltKeys

It's an issue we've all faced, the days of all your phone's images being stored on the camera roll are long gone. Between photo-sharing apps, picture messaging and tagging, mobile images have become scattered to the four winds, leaving you to try and remember exactly where that picture of your cat looking pensive is lurking. Well now, you guessed it, there's an app for that.

The bizarrely named KwiltKeys is a third-party keyboard for iOS, it's currently in private beta but it should be widely available within the next few months. Once installed, you can select any number of social apps to include in the keyboard's repertoire, from Facebook to Instagram to Photobucket. Cloud storage apps like Dropbox and Google Drive can also be accessed.

With your apps selected, the keyboard allows you to dip into their photo pool from anywhere on your phone and pull up the photo you need. You can also edit the keyboard's cache size, allowing it to access all your images at a faster rate, provided you have the space. The photos can be organised in order of time, location or source, depending on what you're after. Selecting an image copies it onto the clipboard, then all you need to do is paste it in the appropriate space and you're good to go.

How useful this app will be depends entirely on how regularly you send and post photos, as well as just how many you've got kicking about across various apps and platforms. It would be more useful if you could actually post the images you select without copy/pasting them, but that's likely a data access issue which could end up being alleviated if the app does well when it comes out proper.

In any case, it's a promising development. All the tech giants are starting to recognise the value of universal access and the spread of different platforms people are using is creating a lot of clutter. You can sign up for the KwiltKeys beta here.

Callum Davies

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